Food, Glorious Food!

This morning we made our weekly trip to Gymboree class. As usual, before we left, I was in a state of high anxiety lest the Mini-Beast decide to let loose in the middle of class! In fairness to her the worst thing she has done so far is try to steal someone else’s juice cup (followed by wails when said juice cup was returned to its owner!). In fact I once missed a class because she had spent the entire twenty minutes before it started having a temper tantrum and I couldn’t face having to deal with in in front of an audience! So we stayed home and painted instead. I felt a little guilty but hey she was happy, I was happy and no one had to see her red-faced with rage beyond myself and my husband.

Today she was in a very good mood. She has recently discovered the joys of the swimming pool and I think she expected she would be going again this morning. My aunt and I go with her so there were lots of ‘Dee Da’ (this is what she calls my aunt) and a garbled version of ‘splash’! So I was a little worried she would turn feral when she realised we weren’t going to the pool. I was pleasantly surprised. She sat quite happily on my lap and even clapped her hands during the introductory song. From there we progressed to musical instruments and dancing with scarves and tapping our rhythm sticks (the Mini-Beast took both mine and hers so I was left to tap noiselessly on my knees).

It was towards the end of the class that the incident occurred. And surprisingly the Mini-Beast was entirely innocent. She was playing with a toy microphone when out of nowhere another wild toddler descended on her and grabbed her hair before I could stop him. His mother pulled him off and the Mini-Beast was silent. I picked her up and cuddled her. Still silence. I raced to my bag where the emergency soother was stashed. I was just in time. Cutting through the music and children’s giggles, the Mini-Beast’s wail of fury was loud and laced with hurt feelings. Why had this happened to her? I tried to calm her down. The other mothers gathered around. And then my Saviour appeared. “Would she like a rice cake?” Oh yes, yes please! Rice cake in hand the tears disappeared as quickly as they had arrived. In fact I think she actually forgot anything untoward had happened as usually it takes quite some time for our little drama queen to let go of something. Thank goodness for that mother! I couldn’t stop thanking her when the class ended. And I made a mental note to myself to buy a bag of rice cakes and leave them in my bag!


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