Fitness for beginners (please don’t judge my flab!)

Firstly I’m not going to start by whinging about how hard it is to get fit when you are a mum. Oh I’d like to, I’d love to use that excuse but then how to explain the super fit mums I see everyday with not only one child but two or three? So no as much as I’d love to I can’t excuse my flabby belly by blaming motherhood (though it didn’t help things, I can say that).

This morning I decided to go for a walk with my daughter. I figured if I did this once a day, everyday (okay most days) I would get fit…or at the very least not turn into Mrs. Blobby. My favourite jeans were starting to cut off the circulation to the rest of my body so it was time. You can only use the baby weight excuse for so long and as my daughter is about to turn two in a few months I guessed it was beginning to wear pretty thin (excuse the pun).

I started off full of confidence, I’d do half an hour then stop in the shop (not to stock up on chocolate I hasten to add). Within ten minutes I had cut the half hour to twenty minutes. I would have cut it to fifteen but I had to walk back home again. Buckets of sweat trickled down me and I felt myself gasping for air. I bitterly resented the old lady walking in front of me. I was forced to speed up to pass her by or risk falling on top of her. Meanwhile I tired to ignore the other mothers trotting by me with their little newborns. I reassured myself my bundle of joy weighed a hell of a lot more than theirs! This didn’t last long as a mother of two jogged by pushing one of those jogger buggies. I did think of investing in one of these but feared it would end up gathering dust under the stairs.

After what felt like many, many long painful minutes later I dragged myself into the shop. Instead of an endorphin buzz, I felt like passing out. I could actually see black dots in front of my eyes. Now I am battling a head cold so I felt justified in feeling a little….okay a lot crap. My head was pounding and my nose was streaming. I fell in the door home, wishing I could collapse but toddlers don’t accept their mummies sometimes don’t want to play.

All in all tt doesn’t bode well for tomorrow’s venture!


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