My Unexpected Pet

Okay first off you should know I’ve never been the biggest fan of cats. Their known predilection to eat your body should you be a cat-owner so unlucky as to have your death go unnoticed for a few days proved gave me chills (though I accept this isn’t purely confined to just cats). Also quite frankly their eyes always reminded me of snakes – a childhood fear of mine that featured in far too many nightmares. So no I was never a cat person and couldn’t quite understand why anyone would be. When my dad started to feed a bizarre cat named tiger who adopted my father as his own I was flummoxed. This cat was the mangiest thing I had seen ever with one eye constantly dripping goo. I would shake my head as my dad stocked up on cat food, never would I be so taken in by a cat.

And then one day the tiny lady befriended a cat, a white cat, pretty I admit.The tiny girl was thrilled when she arrived at our back door one evening, conveniently at dinner time! A meow she crowed with delight! It was during the very stormy weather we all endured before Christmas and I felt sorry for the poor thing so I fed it. Ah yes the fatal mistake where cats are concerned. Clearly I was a soft touch so back she came the next night. I tried to ignore her but my daughter ran to the fridge shouting ‘ham’ (yes I fed her ham, there was nothing else). I didn’t want to seem negligent of animal welfare (I am trying to be some sort of a role model after all) so I felt I could hardly refuse.

Well after that she was ‘our’ cat or more precisely mine. My husband completely ignores her and rolls his eyes when I open the door to feed her. The tiny lady sometimes bursts with excitement, sometimes she couldn’t care less. Me? Well I find myself looking out for her, waiting to see her little furry body scuttle up to the step. The other evening I actually went out and rubbed her belly, my heart melting when she rubbed up against me. What is this? Could I be becoming a cat lover?? I don’t think so, I think familiarity, in this case, has bred love not contempt. Besides I’ve convinced myself that she loves me back and her blatant displays of affection are not mere conniving on her part.

By the way I’m sure ham isn’t the best thing to be feeding the poor creature so in the interests of health I may have to buy her proper cat food…just to be on the safe side!


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