You can go home again

Last night I re-watched one of my favourite films – Little Miss Sunshine. In all honesty I often forget to include this in my top five but it is such a wonderful movie, it leaves you with a warm feeling and a renewed connection to your own family.

I won’t spoil the plot for those of you who have yet to indulge in this hot chocolate of a movie but the point of the film, at least for me, is that our families may be a bunch of stone cold weirdos but they are there for us when the chips are down.

No family is perfect (though some sure seem that way from the outside) and family events are quite very often a cacophony of cuddles and criticisms, an airing of old grievances and a trip down memory lane. And remember that family who seem unbelievably perfect, a family which makes yours look like the Simpsons? Trust me they have their own issues. We all do. Their Christmas dinner has gone cold amidst World War 3 too, I’d bet my life on it. The point is that families can be a wonderful mix of love and hate all in one breathless minute. But I guarantee they are the first people you call when the s*** hits the fan!

I am aware that not everyone is blessed with a close family. Families can be an enormous source of anxiety and stress for many people. This is why I am very grateful I have had such an amazing and supportive family growing up. I know that not everyone has this experience and that I am lucky to have had it. It’s not something I take for granted.

That’s why it’s important for me to raise my daughter in a strong family unit, to create a place of refuge, somewhere she can always come home to. They say ‘you can’t go home again’ but tiny lady you always, always can.

Now go watch Little Miss Sunshine and prepare to smile all day long!


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