Why I hate my car-seat!

So yesterday I thought it would  be a brilliant idea to let the tiny lady eat her ‘organic’ crisps in the back of the car while driving home from visiting  her cousins. It was, admittedly, a devious ploy to keep her awake so that she would have a proper nap when she got home (she didn’t) and I figured the car was due a clean anyway. Oh my sweet Lord the mess! The teeny tiny flakey pieces went everywhere, all over her, all over the car-seat and all over the floor. I felt like crying. I had a bad migraine otherwise the car would have been cleaned straight away. But that joy was saved for this morning.

I was up early, ready to face the task. I figured it couldn’t be that bad. Oh was I wrong! Do they make these car-seats particularly hard to clean? Half the insert nearly came away with the hoover so I had to battle against the suction, desperately holding down the cloth while sucking up all the little flakes. Sweat broke out on my brow and I nearly snapped at an innocent passer-by who had the audacity to wish me a good morning! Does it look like a good morning I almost retorted before sense kicked in and I smiled through clenched teeth.

One good thing did come out of all this – I found the place where my daughter hides all her bobbles and slides! Carefully tucked away underneath the side cover of the car-seat was a small, multicoloured collection of hair accesssories. I always wondered how they were in her hair (or mouth) one minute then gone the next. Now I’ve discovered her stash; obviously she intends to hide them all until I give up and stop (torturing) doing her hair. She prefers the messy, just out of bed look, snot stuck to one side, breakfast to the other.

Despite my valiant efforts we won’t be selling on this seat after its fulfilled its usefulness. I don’t think anyone would pay good money for it. Perhaps we can convert it into a car for the little lady, she does love her beep beeps!


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