‘Though she be but little, she is fierce!’

I came across this Shakespeare quotation while scrolling through Facebook recently and immediately forwarded it to my husband; it described our little tiger so aptly. She is such a little thing but my goodness you wouldn’t want to cross her!

The other day my mother and I decided to bring her to the library. It started well enough as the tiny lady had all the chairs to herself around the ‘kiddies table’. Her favourite part of visiting the library is moving chairs and cushions around to various locations in the kid’s section. And should another child dare intervene and try and sit on one of them…well let’s just say we once had to leave a library…enough said really.

On this occasion a girl of about six (my tiny girl is only 21 months) ran over and went to grab a chair. Despite my daughter not being anywhere near the chair in question she, of course, believed it to be hers. She was up and moving immediately with a face on her I wouldn’t even want to tangle with. She pouted and huffed and circled the chair all the while eye-balling the poor child who only wanted to read a book. I went to play referee but it was too late the girl ran back to her mother. I glanced at my own mum and we hastily piled the tiny lady into her coat and hat and fairly ran to the exit.

‘Though she be but little, she is fierce!’ I couldn’t think of a better way to describe my toddler right now…and you know what I hope she keeps at least part of that fire as she grows up. It’s something that will keep her strong in a sometimes careless world. I only wish I could be as tough in certain situations. Granted right now it’s a little embarrassing and I have to break a leg to stop her engaging in a battle of wills with most other children we encounter. But if she can keep some of that ferocity I imagine it will serve her well in years to come.

So growl away tiny lady and keep that strength I am so proud of.


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