My tiny best friend

So I was scrolling through Facebook (writers should have an app to prevent this by the way as it literally sucks time) when I came across a link with the title ‘12 awkward texts you never want to see from your parents’ (or words to that effect). Anticipating a good chuckle I was about to click when my fingers froze in horror…I am now one of these potentially embarrassing creatures. Granted I probably have a few years grace yet as my tiny lady has not even turned two but the age of parental embarrassment seems to be hitting younger and younger these days. A good friend told me her little boy (5) does not want to be seen being affectionate to her outside of his home. 5 years old! When I was 5 I probably didn’t know what embarrassment was. My own experience of parental embarrassment actually didn’t hit until about ten years later – I was a late bloomer in this regard. I loved hanging out with my parents (and still do) so it was really only the mid-to-late teen years I was struck with this affliction.

My years as the centre of the tiny lady’s world, her supporter, defender and number one best friend are short, they are just so short! Soon, a lot sooner than I even realise, I will become that person she pretends not to see waving manically while she id budy hanging out with her friends. I will still be her supporter and her defender; I will always be that. But I won’t be her number one best buddy anymore. I can only claim that title for so long.

As I write this my tiny lady is asleep upstairs and shortly she will wake and I will hear ‘mama’, ‘mama’ and my gloriously quiet house will spring to life again for another day. Yesterday I found it hard, so hard to be the centre of this child’s world. I couldn’t even cook dinner without her being wrapped around my legs. But this time together as close as we are won’t last forever. I want to forget laundry, dinner and cleaning and today just enjoy being my tiny lady’s best friend.


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