Just one of those days…

Having woken up at 4.30 am and tossed and turned for an eternity, I finally got up at 6 am to do some writing (and down the obligatory giant coffee). It was gymboree morning and I was in absolutely no form for it. I was just too tired and too cranky. I couldn’t face the songs, the loudness, other children…you name it I wasn’t up for it. I almost turned the car around when the tiny lady, realising where we were going, demanded to be brought home. Oh how I longed to cave in and just turn around to the warm haven of home (and more coffee) but I sensed that if I gave in this time, there might well be a shift in the balance of power…and it wouldn’t be in my favour.

So we found a (very tight and awkward) parking spot and I dragged myself through the door. The tiny lady had cheered up at this point and was delighted to see everybody. My head ached and this was before any songs were sung. I don’t know how I got through it. There was one amusing incident though that made my efforts to keep awake worth while. Towards the end of the session we played a game using a parachute to bounce the ball around the group. Suddenly it seemed we had a competition going over who could throw the ball the highest – fear not I was in no way involved. It was mainly the only dad amongst us who was perhaps determined to impress with his footie skills.

Gymboree finally ended and I longed for nap time. I could get some more coffee and five minutes to myself. When we came home my sleep deprived self ended up using the tiny lady’s toy farmer to serenade his lego girlfriend – my daughter ignored me, clearly realising that her mother had now finally lost it. Those five minutes had fast become more a necessity than a luxury.

But alas it was not to be. My daughter had no intention of sleeping. So I tried my trick of taking her back up, having an early lunch then trying again. But no, she threw out her teddy, she threw out her soother. I gave up! Five minutes later a familiar smell wafted through the sitting room. Nappy changed in a speedy frenzy I deposited her back in her cot to a chorus of shrieks.

Ah but now peace. I am drinking coke in a vain attempt to keep going so I can get some work done. Who knows how long the nap will last – pray for me!


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