Confession Time Mums and Dads!


My tiny lady was awake way too early
this morning. So after an hour of pretending to myself that she would go back to sleep, we went downstairs to watch TV…. or should I say to watch Bing! She was thrilled, I lay on the couch praying for the energy to make a coffee.

I watched an episode I shockingly hadn’t seen a dozen times and noticed a character I’ve become slightly intrigued by. She is the mother of Bing’s cousins Coco and Charlie. She never speaks and for a long time I actually didn’t know if she was male or female. I’ve decided female as she seems to have a bun in her hair – though you never know he could have a trendy man bun!

This character is seen at various times throughout the shows. Sometimes she can be glimpsed from afar dropping the cousins at Bing’s house. Today I actually saw her up close at the window! Well the excitement! Then…all my dreams came true…She spoke!!! She is a she! I had literally never heard her speak and well needless to say my day took a turn for the better.

It then occurred to me how utterly  uncool I’ve become since my pre – mum days. Obsessing over a character in a children’s tv show! But I wonder how many parents this happens to? They dealt with this topic in an episode of Modern Family recently when Manny became a bit too involved in one of Joe’s cartoons. It reminded me of how I used to secretly watch the end of My Little Pony episodes after my tiny lady went to bed. She didn’t care what happened after the intro song but I wanted to know what Pinky Pie was up to and how the gang would defeat evil this time!

Another thing I find funny is how we parents add extra details to shows. This will sound completely off the wall but my husband and I have decided that Flop (Bing’s father) is stringing along the two mothers in the show, dating each one and playing them off each other. Yes we are a little sad but it makes these sometimes mind numbing shows a little more interesting. We kind of enhance the watching experience by gossiping about the lives these characters might lead off – screen!

So I wonder how many other parents out there are willing to admit to becoming a little too interested in Justin’s relationship with Robert the Robot or end up in an impassioned debate over which My Little Pony is the coolest (this never happened I promise)! Fess up, please tell me we aren’t the only ones!


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