Egg Head (as seen on Bing)


My daughter is completely infatuated with a little bunny called Bing on Cbeebies. In one episode (which I’ve seen way too many times) Bing makes an eggy head – basically an empty egg with cress seeds inside. Husband is off college now so we thought a fun little family activity would be if we made eggy heads too. It’s so simple but a certain tiny lady found it so much fun. Plus as an extra bonus she put the seeds into an empty cup and took them out again for about half an hour after we were finished. And she didn’t try to eat them – widens eyes in disbelief!

If you want to give this a go here is how we did it.


What we used:

3 hard boiled eggs (insides scooped out)
Cress seeds
Googly eyes
Black marker
Cotton wool

What we did:

There was much debate over how to prepare the eggs. I can be a bit clueless when it comes to these things so Husband too charge. Eggs were boiled about an hour or two in advance and left to cool. Hint: always buy more than you need in case of breakages!

After the eggs cooled Husband carefully removed the top of each one and scooped out the insides. Hint: this can be then used to make egg mayonnaise if you are so way inclined which I most definitely am!

We sat down at the table and took turns drawing faces on our eggs. Toddler needed some help with hers! Next were the Googly eyes – these can be tricky. The backs are often a nightmare to peel off if you don’t have long nails and they often get stuck to little fingers! You can use glue if the backs are too much of a hassle for you. Or better still use the sticker version!

Next we dampened the cotton wool. Husband rook charge of this which was a mistake as he ruined one batch with enthusiasm for too much water! Remember damp not sodden!


Next we pushed the cotton wool into the eggs and sprinkled on the seeds. We then had to explain that the seeds would take some time to grow. Toddler didn’t care as she was too busy filling an empty cup with leftover seeds.


Now we wait with bated breath to see if they actually grow!



A ridiculously easy (and slightly messy) rainy day activity


I don’t usually post activity posts as there are so many brilliant activity based blogs out there already. But felt I had to share this as it kept my tiny lady quiet for half an hour…that’s right half an hour! Practically unheard of for a two year old – in this house anyway!


Things you will need:

*paint – any colour
*toy cars

That’s it just three things! Pop toddler in chair in old clothes – things will get messy! Pour some paint on to the paper and that’s it! Just let your toddler roll the cars through the paint. You can also paint the wheels of the cars to make more defined tracks. Toddler may decide to paint the whole car and this is okay too.



If you like your toy  cars  clean and sparkling don’t do this! I soaked mine in hot soapy water and they are still a little mucky. We don’t mind that here but some people might not enjoy the mess! As a former total neat freak I get this completely!


You can extend this activity by grabbing some pasta shells and painting those too. We used animal shaped pasta which added to the fun!