Writing in Toddlerdom

I am currently attempting to find other outlets, beyond my blog, to write for; online or in print and have been lucky to find some publications that have given me some wonderful opportunities. I am delighted but finding the time to write has been hard. My tiny lady used to nap for about two hours in total (including the time it took to fall asleep and wake up properly). This was ideal as it gave me time to work on my blog as well as my other pieces. However, lately she has cut this time in two and is only asleep for about an hour so the most I can stretch nap time to has been an hour and a half (as now she is falling asleep almost immediately instead of after a half hour of chat!). Today she decided not to nap at all!

I am aware that as she gets older she will need less and less sleep (and then – oh the horrors – no day-time sleep at all) but I figured I had a while to go before she would need any less than the two hours. But I could be wrong. She could just drop the naps all of a sudden. And I have to be prepared!

So what to do? I can either work in the evenings (when I find it hard to stay awake past nine o’clock much less produce coherent work) or I can learn to work while she is awake. Hmm…me thinks this will be quite the learning curve! Since I started this post (about half an hour ago) I have been asked to find a doll, locate her teddy, fix a train track and play tea parties. I’ve tried to explain about mummy working but it kinda breaks my heart to turn her down so I’ve played for a few minutes then jumped back to the laptop. I guess it will take us both some time to get used to. I can’t resist that smile and she loves having play-time with mummy. It’s something I enjoy about being at home with her too; I have time to enjoy really being with her.

Perhaps I may have to set my alarm clock -which hasn’t been set once since she was born as babies are mother nature’s alarm clocks! – and wake up a little earlier so that I can combine the life of a writer with the life of a mother.

Family: a much needed tonic on a weary day

Today I received yet another rejection letter. The lot of a novice writer yes but still hard to read those words again! I was all ready to throw myself a pity party – I figured it was well deserved as I’m battling a cold as well and generally feeling miserable.  Then my daughter called out to me. She wanted me to read her a story. She smiled when she saw me and giggled as I read. Is there anything more heart warming than a toddler’s giggle? We tucked ourselves up in my big bed and read stories as the rain battered at the window. It was a tonic much needed for my weary heart.

Later my husband, sensing my mood, gave me a hug and whispered in my ear that he is very proud of me. No matter the rejections he believed my story worthy of success. It was a soothing balm to my wounded soul. I began to feel a little lighter. After all there will always be a special little group in this world who will never reject me, who will always applaud me, who will stand at the sidelines cheering my name. My family.

I realised I am lucky to have such a supportive family. Not only my little family of three but my parents, siblings and aunt as well. They boost me back up when I tend too much to put myself down. They are there to take the sting out of a rejection and put a smile on the hardest of days. Yet I must remember, that as much as I rely on them, I must too have faith in myself. No-one else will believe in me (outside of family) if I don’t believe in myself. This is my mantra; everyday I must remind myself to believe. Some days that can be much harder than others. That is when family take it upon themselves to row in and lend me an oar (or two). That way I can’t drift too far into maudlin waters.

Family; they are certainly a necessity for a budding writer like me as much as the endless cups of coffee and trusty laptop. I would surely be lost at sea without them.

A Word on Writing

A Word on Writing

I am wary of taking the advice of established authors purely because I feel that everybody creates in their own way. True there are certain paths to success in terms of creating a stand-out story or highly relatable characters but I am speaking more about the process of writing itself. For years I have felt that my process must be wrong because it seemed so different to the way other, more…

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Finding Your Voice

Let me explain. I love cosy books, books that make you feel as if you have been given a big warm hug when you finish them. Don’t get me wrong I love the odd thriller or issue-based book (and Game of Thrones is a huge part of my collection) but I find they are less appealing as a whole than ‘cosy’ books. To me Maeve Binchy was the queen of the cosy book. She dealt with real life problems and her…

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