First Friendships

One morning a week my little person goes to a childminder. Luckily for me this is a close friend of mine who has a talent for making small children love her. She is amazing with them and is always thinking of new activities they can do together. Needless to say my girl loves her. As we are friends I spend a lot of time there also (we are basically part of the furniture!) and so I suppose I can excuse a certain small lady for thinking it’s her second home.

My friend has a little girl too about eight months younger than my munchkin and, unfortunately, my little terror, has lately taken to pushing this tiny person whenever she tries to play with her. Apparently she owns every toy in that house too.

However, my friend and I are firm but gentle. No hitting. No pushing. No kicking. Ususally our corrections fall on deaf ears as the tiny lady pretends not to hear us. However, the other day she stared straight at my friend, listened and actually ‘said sorry’ (a half-hearted hug but still). From that moment she began to play with the other little girl. They played shops and toy cars and actually enjoyed being together.

I’m not completely naive. I don’t believe for one second the tiny lady has stopped her reign of terror just yet but I can imagine a happier time when these two become actual friends. I caught a glimpse of this time the other day. They were toddling down the hall together when my tiny girl looked back, touched her friend’s hand and smiled shyly before continuing on her way. First friendships – they are adorable.


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