When good lovies go bad

My little girl is obsessed with her Winnie the Pooh teddy and affectionately calls him ‘Poo’. This can be a little confusing as we never know if she wants him or if there’s a poo on the way – the smell soon gives it away! She sleeps curled up with this bear and covers him with kisses and cuddles. So I decided to purchase a second one just in case Poo managed to go missing one day. Also, to be quite frank, Poo was beginning to smell.

So this morning, before nap time, I produced the new Poo. My daughter is nobody’s fool, however, and she gave this new, plusher looking (and cleaner) teddy a very suspicious look. Then she giggled and hugged him. This was followed by holding him away from her, giggling and more cuddles. I could tell she wasn’t really paying much attention to her story. She happily took new Poo into the cot but when I checked on her a few minutes later, she was showing her new buddy around and chatting away to him. She knew this wasn’t her usual friend though she was clearly willing to hang out with him. After about twenty minutes I couldn’t take it any more, and fearing no nap at all, I exchanged new Poo for the old reliable. Five minutes later blessed silence!

But what to do now? Old Poo badly needs a wash but new Poo is most decidedly too new! Perhaps I could batter new Poo up a little, squash his too big head and tarnish his too shiny fur. Or perhaps I will have to forego nap-time one day, my only me-time…on second thoughts Old Poo can last just  a little bit longer!


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